Phoenix serial killings suspect: 'I'm innocent'

The man who was arrested in connection with a series of deadly street shooting in Phoenix said he did not do it.

Aaron Saucedo, 23, made an appearance in court overnight. A judge has reportedly agreed to seal court documents related to the case.

"Given the nature of the crimes involved, and the impact to the community, we want to be exceedingly careful in protecting the integrity of that investigation," said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

In video of Saucedo's initial court appearance,  Saucedo professed his innocence.

"I'm innocent," said Saucedo, in the video. He was later reminded by the presiding judge that he is presumed to be innocent at this time.

In court, Saucedo was told he has been charged with eight counts of First Degree Murder, along with other charges. Prosecutors reportedly also indicated the possibility of this case becoming a Death Penalty case, moving forward. The County Attorney, however, neither confirmed nor denied whether they would seek the death penalty against Saucedo.

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