People still traveling for Thanksgiving get togethers

Holiday travelers are already on the move.

Friday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, metro Atlantans greeted arriving family members.

All who stopped to speak to FOX 5 said they were aware of a COVID-19 warning issued by federal officials on Thursday, but that advisory did not cause them to change their minds about Thanksgiving.

A mom with her two kids came in from San Francisco. "You shouldn't be afraid, but you should be very cautious," said the mom.

She and the children had their masks on while collecting their bags.

And the mask policy is in effect not only on the plane but also throughout the airport.

Anyone who heads out for a trip, and has forgotten a face covering, they do not have to stop and buy one. The airport has plenty of free masks.

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Before the warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, airport officials thought they would see 75% of the number of travelers for a typical Thanksgiving.

Will that change now? No one can be sure.

The peak days for travel will be Wednesday and Sunday after the holiday.