Paws Between Homes helps foster pets for owners who face economic hardship

The coronavirus pandemic has created a financial hardship on many. Many face the real possibility of eviction once state-mandated rent relief ends and others just are trying to find ways to keep food on their plate.

During this difficult time, some are also finding it hard to care for their pets. But an Atlanta area organization is trying to help by temporarily fostering pets for families who find themselves homeless or unable to care for them.

Buckwheat is one of those foster dogs. He recently was reunited with his family after being in foster care.

"When the family gets back on its feet, they could reunite with their pets," said Cole Thayler, founder of Paws Between Homes.

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"What we really needed in Atlanta was an organization that could provide temporary foster care to those pets so that when that family gets back on its feet they could reunite with their pets," Thayler said.

The program helps families keep their pets rather than having to abandon them at shelters, which could get overcrowded easily during this economic downturn.

When he's not finding foster homes for animals, Thayler is an attorney who provides legal counsel to families at odds with their landlords. He's worried when the state's coronavirus rent relief program ends in June, many will lose their homes and the need for pet foster care will be greater than ever.

The cost to be a foster family is zero. Paws Between Homes provides everything from food, to leashes, bowls -- even vet care -- all volunteers have to do is provide a loving home.

The program welcomes donations to keep the program up and running. Anyone who wishes to give can go to

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