Orlando police search for person who abandoned newborn on doorstep

Orlando police are searching for the person who abandoned a baby at the doorstep of an Orlando apartment.

The incident happened at the Willow Key Apartments Saturday morning. 

Graciela Izaguirre is still in shock. 

She tells The News Station she stepped outside because she heard non-stop crying. 

“I see the baby on the floor, completely arms out, wrapped in a T-shirt,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep last night.”

Izaguirre says, along with the infant, she found a note that said the child was born the previous day in a bathroom and the father was dangerous. 

The note asked that the baby boy be taken to a hospital.

OPD’s Criminal Investigations Division is looking into the matter and the Florida Department of Children and Families was also notified.

OPD reminded the public that an unwanted newborn baby should be taken to a hospital or a fire station. 

There are no criminal repercussions if handled in this manner. 

This can be done until the baby is seven days old.

OPD is offering a $1,000 reward for information that helps them find the child’s mother.