Oops: England police responded to 'mass killing' that turned out to be a yoga class

Police in a part of the United Kingdom were recently called to a venue, according to various media reports from the country, following reports of what the BBC described as a "ritual mass murder."

When police arrived, however, they found something totally different.

According to the BBC's report, the incident happened on the night of Sept. 6 (local time), in a town called Chapel St Leonards. The town is located about 147 miles northeast of London.

In reports by UK television network ITV, it was stated that police were called to the venue after members of the public saw people lying on the floor at the venue.

On their Facebook page, staff members with a café adjacent to the venue stated that what actually happened that night was something way more benign: people taking part in a yoga class were meditating.

"Thank you to Lincolnshire Police for their prompt response. I can’t imagine for one moment what would have being going through their minds on the way," read a portion of the post. "All in all this situation turned out positive, and we are of course grateful."

Staff members with the café also reminded members of the public that yoga classes happen in the evenings, with a degree of frequency.

"We are not part of any mad cult or crazy clubs," read a portion of the post.

In a separate post on Facebook, organizers of the Yoga session said people walking their dogs mistook people who were "drifting into a deep state of relaxation" for a ritual mass murder.

"Although it's easy to see the funny side, my heart goes out to those people who thought the worst," the organizer wrote.

(This story was reported on from Phoenix)

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