Ohio police warn of Netflix scam email

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(Courtesy: City of Solon, Ohio Police Department Government)

Police in Ohio are warning consumers to be on the lookout for a phishing scam posing as a legitimate Netflix email.

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Police officers in the City of Solon, Ohio said they actually received one of the scam emails. They said the biggest clue it was a scam was because they didn’t have an account.

But that doesn’t stop scammers from trying and for folks who do have an account, they should be aware what website they are being directed to. Consumers can hover over a link to see where it takes them.

It is important not to click on the link unless you can verify it is from the company.

Some other red flags on the image shared by the police department is they didn’t use the person’s proper name, "Centre" is spelled the British way, the number is "0800" instead of "1-800", and the question marks at the bottom.

But if it doesn’t look right, reach out to the company on your own and ask. They are more than willing to help.

Netflix has resources to help fight scam emails. Check it out here: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/65674

FOX 5 News reporting from Atlanta