Ohio man allegedly loads shopping cart with 14 cases of beer, attempts to return them

Ohio police are looking for a man who allegedly stole 14 cases of Bud Light from a local Kroger store in Cincinnati on May 12 after attempting to return the unpaid-for items.

The Delhi Township Police Department said the man walked into the store, loaded up a shopping cart with 14 cases of beer and then attempted to return the items moments later without having first paid for them, claiming his wife "purchased the wrong beer."

Employees attempted to confirm the man’s claims, which angered the suspect, police said — prompting him to leave the store with the beer. 

Police said moments after the man left the store with the beer, Kroger employees checked security footage to find that the suspect was, in fact, lying. 

Store employees filed a police report and authorities say the suspect is still at large. 

Police are asking anyone with knowledge of the incident to contact the Delhi Township Police at 513-922-0060 or Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040

This story was reported from Los Angeles.