Officers Grant Little Boy's Wish to Become a Cop

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A major traffic stop in Catoosa County netted a 9-year-old boy a dream come true.

Nick Brazell has always dreamed of being a police officer. When Georgia State Patrol's Motor Carrier Compliance division heard about his story they, along with 11 other agencies, stepped in to help. They organized a mock police chase and arrest.

Nick spends most of his days helping his parents take care of his little brother who is very ill. The officers felt it was time Nick had a memorable day dedicated just to him.

"It means a lot to help and take him away from his reality every day" said Sgt. Matt Wilson with GSP.
It was Nick's reaction to his extraordinary day that made it all worth it.

"I felt really proud that I stopped him and I knew I was going to sleep good that night" said Nick about his day of capturing the "bad" guy.

It's no surprise Nick plans to become a police officer when he grows up.