Officers donate thousands to suspended APD cop

The Atlanta Police officer seen on video delivering punches to a suspect is getting significant support from his fellow Atlanta police officers.

The officer, Quinton Green, who was suspended for 20-day after the encounter was shot by a bystander and put on social media, has received thousands of dollars in donations to cover his expenses.

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The officer was among a four person team trying to arrest a drug suspect.

The video shows Green straddling the suspect and delivering punches, which were called "strikes" by law enforcement.

The force from Green was ruled excessive, with Chief Shields handing out a 20-day suspension. But the rank and file believes the disciplinary action came too quickly before an internal probe could be completed.

To make up for Green's missed paychecks, $6,000 has been raised--totaling more than what he would've earned from his missed paychecks.