New Video Shows Coweta County Rape Suspect's Arrest

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FOX 5 News first showed you the arrest of a Coweta County man for unspeakable crimes against a 12-year-old girl.

Now, there is more video of rape suspect Shalin Ren Payne moments after his capture in which he was heard to quiz the deputies on how much they knew about the crimes that prompted a call to 911.

In new deputy video released Thursday, half-naked rape suspect Shalin Ren Payne was heard apologizing for running from deputies and asked some curious questions about the charges against him.

A deputy’s first reaction to seeing rape suspect Shalin Ren Payne walking past his patrol SUV was “Look at that guy.” We don’t know if the deputy’s reaction refers to Payne’s heavily tattooed face or his lack of pants.

The deputy was responding to a 911 call at a Sharpsburg home Monday and was yet aware that a 12-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted. Payne was fleeing the home after the girl’s mother smashed his head with a glass dish, according to police reports.

The half-dressed Payne then led police on a foot chase, until stumbled, fell, and was taken into custody.

Later, Payne is heard apologizing to the deputy.

“I am sorry sir. I didn’t mean to cause any trouble,” he said.

Later, Payne asked: “Did I do something wrong, sir?”

The deputy responded: “You ran from us for one.”

Payne told the deputy that at least he had stopped. To which the deputy said that was only because Payne had fallen down.

Payne was being held in the Coweta County jail on charges of rape, sexual battery, and aggravated assault.

Investigators said a woman left her 12-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son home with Payne for him to babysit while she was at work.

They said Payne chased the 12-year-old girl, broke down a bathroom door where she was hiding, and attacked her in front of the 4-year-old boy.

Investigators told FOX 5 that Payne was being held without bond and could be facing additional charges.

FOX 5 News has also learned that Payne had a prior arrest in 2013 out Clay County, Florida. An arrest report states Paynes shoplifted about $30 worth of beer and cigars from beverage store.