Neighbors frustrations with unruly East Point bar may lead to last call change

Residents of East Point's Center Park neighborhood say they've had enough after years of problems with a nearby bar that serves alcohol until 5 a.m.

The bar's late hours are legal under the city's laws, but some residents say things are getting out of control.

Neighbors who live right behind Krush Atlanta say they get partiers coming from all over the metro area since other bars are closed hours earlier.

Neighbor James Gonzalski says he's caught people on his Ring camera coming from the bar and urinating on his lawn multiple times.

"It just seems like some of this is out of control," Gonzalski said.

He's not the only resident of the neighborhood who's fed up with issues stemming from the bar being open so late.

"Car alarms going off, people are screeching out, pulling out on the street. It's just insane," another neighbor told FOX 5's Eric Mock.

Residents say most of these issues take place between 3 and 5 a.m. because the bar can serve alcohol up to that time.

There have been two homicides outside the business in the last year - one in October.

"We've upgraded our patrols through our field operations divisions as well as they are closing by 11 p.m. now," East Point Police Sgt. J.L. Watkins said.

Watkins says the bar has to close at an earlier hour because of a court-mandated agreement.

The bar now has to submit a security plan to the police department for approval before they can continue the late-night hours.

"It's in place until they come up with a security plan that we will accept," Watkin said.

But residents want a more permanent solution.

"A closing time at midnight or sooner would help the neighborhood tremendously," one resident told the East Point City Council at a meeting on Monday.

East Point City Council member Sharon Shropshires agrees.

"No business should serve alcohol at 5 in the morning," she said.

The council plans to discuss a midnight alcohol cut-off time next week.

FOX 5 reached out to Krush and left messages for the owner to get their side of the story but haven't heard back yet.