Neglected Cocker Spaniel found at Queen Creek home

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Officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced Monday that deputies rescued a neglected Cocker Spaniel was rescued from a Queen Creek home.

According to a statement, the dog was rescued on Friday, as deputies were conducting a welfare check on a 66-year-old woman. A horse was also found at the home. The horse, according to officials, had to be euthanized. The woman, identified as Sandra Wood, told investigators that she loved the animals very much, but was too ill to care for them.

The animals, according to officials, had not received veterinary care for an unspecified period, possibly years.

Wood, according to the statement, has signed a Voluntary Surrender Form, allowing MCSO to take control of the dog, and provide care for it. The Cocker Spaniel, named "Lillie", was heavily matted, with large clumps of hair weighing down her ears and legs. Lillie, according to the statement, was very dirty, and had difficulty walking.

Lillie, according to the statement, was taken to an animal hospital where a veterinarian shaved large clumps of matted hair off of her.

"This is certainly the worst case that I've seen," said Dr. Bernard Mangone, who went on to say Lillie had significant trouble walking. Dr. Mangone said Lillie's was not able to fully move her front left leg, as the fur from her chest and the fur on her leg were tied together.

Four pounds of matted hair were removed from Lillie. Dr. Mangone said it took Lillie almost three days to relearn how to walk.

Lillie, according to officials, is believed to be approximately 12 years old. Once she's well enough, officials said she will be put up for adoption.

Wood, according to MCSO officials, is being treated for her illness, and is facing four counts of Animal Cruelty, three of which could be upgraded to felonies.