Murder trial continues for couple accused of killing their daughter

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Jury trial continued in Newton County Friday where two parents are accused of brutally murdering their 15-day-old daughter after smoking meth. Originally, the two claimed their child Caliyah was missing, but now they’re charged with her murder.

Friday, the Covington courtroom heard and watched a number of interrogations. There was a lengthy jailhouse interview with Christopher McNabb. Investigator Jeff Alexander told McNabb the evidence points to him killing Caliyah.

“We have a lot more information and it continually points towards you,” said Alexander.

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In this interview, McNabb continued to point the finger at other possible suspects who could be responsible for killing his baby, he admitted to getting physical with Caliyah’s mother Courtney Bell, and he said he wasn’t sure if he would be able to prove his innocence.

The couple admits to doing drugs the day they say their daughter went missing. The next day Caliyah’s body was found brutally beaten in one of her father’s admitted drug bags in the woods behind the family’s trailer.

“I’m telling you I didn’t do it I’m cooperating I came up here willingly I answered your questions,” said McNabb.

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A Newton County Sheriff's investigator revealed the infant’s lifeless body was discovered in a blue and red Nike drawstring bag in the woods near the family's home the day after the couple reported her missing. Prosecutors insist that bag belonged to McNabb.

Jurors also got to go to the place where her body was found near the couple’s mobile home park.

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After the jailhouse interrogation, jurors heard a recording of Courtney Bell answering questions before she was arrested.

In the recording, Bell admits, “I am guilty because I did drugs but I ain’t never seen this comin’ that’s my baby. I went to put her to sleep and I woke up and she was gone.”

In the recording, Bell also said she wanted help getting off drugs.

The trial continues in Newton County on Monday.

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