Murder of Atlanta car salesman remains unsolved two years after his death

It's been two years since the day someone gunned down 29-year-old Deandre Houston while he was walking to his car from a hookah bar on Luckie Street. There still hasn't been closure for the car salesman's mother Kischa Houston.

"I'm really, really wanting his killers to be apprehended," she said. "The need to be out the streets."

Atlanta police have worked the case for 730 days. Investigators say three people in a stolen Nissan approached Houston before one of those people shot him. 

Two people were caught on security cameras. 

"I know it’s not easy, but I know somebody knows something," Kischa Houston said.

The family marked the first anniversary of Deandre's death with a balloon release, and they plan to gather again with the same plea for justice.

"They don’t need to be out here still walking around like it’s all good," Kischa said. "You took a good person away from me, every time I think about his smile."