Motions filed in case involving jury decision to not allow CPS to have custody of 6-year-old boy

In the 18 months this 6-year-old boy has been in the custody of Child Protective Services, he's heard four times he's getting adopted.

But obviously that never happened.

"His mental state has deteriorated over time," said family law attorney Julie Ketterman.

CPS put the child on psychotropic drugs.

"He was sexually abused in the foster care system with no charges against the 14-year-old who abused him," Ketterman said.

For the first time ever in Texas, a jury decides CPS should not have custody of a child in its care.

"Is it embarrassing. I hope so because 12 good citizens of Harris County said no more," Ketterman said. "No more for this little boy. Not from mama, not from CPS."

CPS asked the judge to follow the jury's wishes to terminate the mother's parental rights and ignore the rest.

Ketterman told the judge to declare a mistrial. The judge has yet to make a ruling.

CPS and its attorneys declined to comment.

Meanwhile, the child remains in the foster home.