Mother of slain 15-year-old: 'He will live on in my heart'

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Friends and family united Friday night to remember 15-year-old Romello Heard, who was killed in a shooting at DeKalb County apartment complex earlier this week. 

Silver, red, and black balloons filled the sky over Exchange Park in Decatur, a tribute to the young teen.

His mother, Angela Thornton, says she wants other teens to make the most out of their lives and never take a second for granted.

"There's so much more to life than drama. I want them to go live.  Go skating, go to events at your school. I want them to appreciate the time they have, every breath they have because that was taken from my son," Thornton said.

Heard was one of 12 kids in his family. His mother says she's in unfathomable pain as she mourns the murder of her baby boy.

"I pray that they have to constantly see him in their dreams when they're awake," she said.

Thornton says her son's legacy will live on long after the sun sets on this vigil because he brought so much light into the lives of others.

"He will live on in my heart and all the children he touched, he will live on in their hearts as well."

Police arrested three people in connection to Heard's killing. Investigators have not said what led them to identify the three men as suspects in the teen's murder or what led up to the shooting.

Heard's family has started a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses.