Mother credits 14-year-old daughter's backpack for saving life in Atlanta shooting

A northwest Atlanta family is looking for somewhere else to live after police say gunmen opened fire on their home and injured a 14-year-old as she was sleeping.   

Police say a car pulled up in front of the driveway off Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and someone shot a hail of bullets into the home. 

Desire White's mother believes her daughter's book bag may have saved Desire's life. This is because the bullet went through the backpack first, before hitting the 14-year-old.  

"It's senseless for my baby to get shot in her sleep," the mother, who was too afraid to have her face shown or name used for this story, told FOX 5.  

She says her family was winding down after midnight Monday, and her daughter Desire White was already fast asleep, when bullets started flying.  

"The next thing I know, bullets shots all through the house. I could feel wall fragments, heat going past my head," the mother explained.  

The pregnant mother of two hit the ground trying to dodge the gunfire.  

"Next thing I know, my baby screaming, ‘Mama!’ She said her leg was hot. It woke her up out of her sleep. She was hurt," the mother recalled.  

The family now believes the Kipp Woodson Academy 8th grader was protected by her backpack.

"The bullet went through her book bag, through her clothes, and stuff, and still went through her leg," her mother said.  

Paramedics rushed Desire to the hospital. Her mom says more than 20 bullets struck her house on South Eugenia Place.  

She says she and her two children must find a safer place to live.  

"I just know I can't be here, paranoid. I don't know why nobody would target at this house. I've been here for years.  No problem with nobody. Don't come outside," she said with disappointment.  

The pregnant mom tells me that this is just no way to live.  

She is looking for housing, while the police are looking for the shooter.