Mother accussed of letting underage kids drink facing charges, police say

A Peachtree City woman is accused of holding a house party and letting underage kids drink. 

Police say Danielle Drouin was drunk and when she answered the door, they say one of the teens was passed out inside her house and had to be rushed to the hospital. 

Investigators say that she would not let officers inside her home for nearly an hour, denying the teen prompt medical attention. 

 Lt. Chris Hyatt with the Peachtree Police Department said that police got calls last Sunday about numerous cars parked on the street in front of Drouin’s home on Haddington Lane. 

Police right away suspected kids were drinking when they arrived. 

It was "very clear there’s a house party going on," Hyatt said. 

"We tried to make contact with the homeowner to establish if we had some underage drinking. She was intoxicated as well." 

 Hyatt said that officers asked Drouin what was going on. 

"At first she said nothing. There’s no drinking here. Just a couple of individuals over after band practice," Hyatt said. 

 Police asked to go inside.

 "Meanwhile there were multiple juveniles who fled from out the back of the house. Jumping fences and running away," Hyatt said.

 Officers caught a couple of them. 

"Some of them were clearly intoxicated to the point where they were not safe." 

 Some tried to drive away.

 "Now we have possible dui issues," Hyatt said. 

 Hyatt tells FOX 5 Atlanta's Christopher King that police asked her if she’d bring out the kids. 

"She said ‘that’ll be okay give me a moment,’" Hyatt said. "She basically disappeared for almost an hour and ignored all of our attempts to make contact with her at the door again." 

Hyatt says other parents showed up, demanding to know if their kids were okay. 

"It was very clear the homeowner was obstructing the progress we were trying to do which is check on the welfare of the juveniles," Hyatt said. 

Hyatt says Drouin finally let officers into her home. He says as many as 30 kids were inside. Hyatt says one was passed out in the basement.

"Breathing, but completely unresponsive. Immediately requiring medical treatment." 

Hyatt says that teen was rushed to hospital and is okay now. 

 FOX 5 Atlanta's Christopher King knocked on Drouin’s door. But the man who answered was in no mood to talk. 

 Chris Lee, who lives across the street, couldn’t believe it when FOX 5 Atlanta told him what happened.

 "Very surprising. That’s something that doesn’t set a good example," Lee said. 

Drouin is charged with a number of counts, including contributing to the delinquency of minors, felony cruelty to children and violating the city’s social-hosting law.