Monroe police chief suspends officer after arrest video surfaces

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The chief of Police in Monroe, Georgia has swiftly responded after video surfaces of one of his officers making an arrest. The chief said that officers has been suspended.

FOX 5 News was the first to air the video over the weekend. The video shows a Monroe police officer using a Taser multiple times on Ivan Tory, then ripping him out of a chair and dragging him to the ground in front of his home's front porch. Police said Tory and the officer were in some type of verbal altercation before there was an attempt to arrest him.

In the video, you can hear an officer yell, "Move your f---ing hands or get Tased" followed by "Who's next? Who's next?"

"The officer is in violation of our code of conduct he did not conduct himself in a professional manner, not in a manner we want reflected back on this organization," said Monroe Police Chief RV Watts.

Chief Watts took swift action after this video surfaced of a controversial arrest involving one of his officers.

"He brought discredit to this organization and to himself in the manner in which he conducted himself," said Watts.

The chief told FOX 5 News the unidentified officer was suspended this weekend following a preliminary investigation and will have to take remedial and corrective training. That suspension and training comes after the officer’s actions while trying to break up a big underage party involving about 200 people at the Monroe Estates Saturday night.

“All I know he was grabbing me by my arm. The next thing I know I was being Tased,” said Ivan Tory.

Tory was the man in the video who the officer used a Taser on multiple times in front of his wife and children.

“I’m glad it was caught on camera ‘cuz if it wasn’t it probably would’ve been my fault,” said Tory.

The Torys insist Ivan was sitting on their porch, minding his own business and that officer’s actions were unprovoked.

“He was knocked out after that they Tased him ‘til he was unconscious,” said wife Shanna Tory.

The chief maintains Ivan Tory was taken into custody after he ignored officers’ commands, that the arrest was justified, but said the officer was suspended because he didn’t conduct himself in a professional manner during the incident.

The Monroe police chief told FOX 5 News the officer was a "good cop" but that he was young and had a lot to learn when it comes to addressing the public. He said the language used in the video would not be tolerated in his department.

Authorities said Tory faces obstruction of justice charges.

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