Model shot while driving in Clayton County

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A sudden tragedy on the road leaves a young woman brain dead and her family full of questions.

Family members said 28-year-old Kelsey Quayle was shot in the neck as she drove along Upper Riverdale Road in Clayton County Monday morning.

Kelsey Quayle moved to Georgia a few months ago with her boyfriend, excited to pursue her modeling career in Atlanta. She got a job at a dentist's office in Riverdale and was driving to work Monday morning when her life took a tragic turn.

Kayleigh Quayle, Victim's sister says, "I just want to know who did this. It's ridiculous.  She didn't deserve this."

Family members gathered at Grady Hospital Wednesday where they prepared to take the 28-year-old woman off of life support.  She was shot while driving along Upper Riverdale Road near Southern Regional Medical Center at around seven a-m.

Kayleigh Quayle, victim's sister says, "She was beautiful, she was the sweetest person she was humble she was a model but she never let that get to her head. She loved everybody, everybody loved her."

Officers responded to what they initially believed was a multi-car wreck after Quayle lost control of her vehicle.  Doctors discovered Quayle had been shot after medics transported her to the hospital.

Captain Scott Stubbs, Clayton County PD, "Which we believe was the primary cause of her not being conscious, leaving the roadway into the length of traffic."

Family members tell FOX 5 News the bullet entered Quayle's neck, severing her spinal cord at the base of her brain, causing catastrophic brain damage. Her sister can't imagine why anyone would do this. Police turning to the public for help in solving the bizarre case.

Quayle says, "Right now a theory would be road rage, or maybe just a cross-fire maybe but we just have so many unanswered questions."

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