Missing, homeless mother reunited with children after 11 years

It was a beautiful moment when a California woman reunited with her children after being homeless for 11 years.

Kayannete Gabrielle hadn’t seen her children in over a decade. She ended up in Santa Barbara, sleeping at the library, suffering from severe memory loss, unable to remember her own name.

After several trips to Cottage Hospital, staff tipped off local agencies about her vulnerable state. Doctors Without Walls treated her on the streets and police kept her safe.

The last time Gabrielle saw her son, Brett, and daughter, Colette, was 11 years ago, but, thanks to the help of a handful of public servants, the family is back together again.

"I remember the last time i saw you I was rushed to get to the airport I gave you a quick hug and I always felt bad because i didn't give you a big hug," Colette said. "I have dreams of seeing you again and I give you a big hug."

Kayannette says she is grateful for everyone who never gave up hope and refused to let her forget who she was.

"I thank all the incredible people that were my guardians my providers, they did so much for me emotionally mentally physically" they lifted my hearts and they always will and they gave me their hearts. i always felt safe with them and cared for," said Gabrielle.

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