Midtown residents concerned over street prostitution

Neighbors in Midtown want criminals involved in street prostitution out of their neighborhood for good.

"We've seen as many as four or five prostitutes out on the corner," said neighbor Todd Ervin. "You'll see used condoms sometimes laying right out on the street."

Neighbors tell FOX 5 the problem is not as rampant as it was many years ago, but the prostitutes walking the streets, as well as the pimps circling the neighborhood create safety problems for plenty of young professionals and families.

"We have a lot of young families in Midtown. It's not good for them to see that activity," said Guy Drexinger, president of the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance.

Drexinger is also concerned about the other crimes prostitution may bring to the area, such as drugs and robberies.

"We're in the area; we're addressing those acts. We're addressing cruising violations," said Captain Reginald Moorman of the Atlanta Police Department. Moorman said officers worked to crack down on the problem in July, and busted numerous prostitutes, johns and pimps for crimes from indecent exposure to cruising violations.

Police ask for residents to continue calling 911 to report criminals on the streets, and ask patrols to come to the scene.

That's a solution not all neighbors agree with.

"Now we're calling for non-emergencies for a problem that should be proactively cleaned up," Ervin said.

The MPSA will address the issues surrounding prostitution with police at their next neighborhood meeting.