Metro Atlanta school districts set plans to re-open for fall semester

Gwinnett County Public Schools is one of the districts offering students either virtual or face-to-face learning. Parents told us they're happy to have options but this could mean more work for teachers.

"I think that's double work for, like I said, educators because they would now have to devise a plan for those students in the class and those students not in that classroom," Charlotte Booker, the President of the Georgia Association of Educators, explained.

We spoke with Booker about school districts giving parents the option to choose. She said the fall semester will be challenging for educators.

"My own personal view would be to stay with the distance learning until they have an answer to keep everybody safe," she explained.

Because of concerns surrounding coronavirus, Gwinnett and Cobb County Public Schools, as well as Marietta City Schools, are taking a no size fits all approach.

Parents can choose either online or traditional schooling when classes resume in August.

"They will be safe at home because I know how to take care of my kids," Shafiqul Haque, who has a 9th and 6th grader in GCPS, said.

However, Kristina Groff disagrees saying she "believes their learning should be how when we were in school. The online schooling doesn't really teach them."

If your kid is heading back to the classroom, school leaders said they will encourage but not require students and adults to wear face coverings.

They said common areas will also be sanitized regularly and social distancing will be enforced.

"My concern is how are you supposed to keep kids six feet apart when they have friends," parent Akia Turner explained. "That's impossible."

In Clayton County Public Schools, a recent survey showed parents and teachers preferred a blended fall semester.

The district's plan is to have students on campus utilizing "an A-Day/B-Day rotation with district-wide virtual learning at-home on Friday."

We know that APS is considering three options and will make a decision in early July.

School leaders said they are constantly talking with public health officials and well make adjustments as needed.