Metro Atlanta high school senior offered $1 million in college scholarships

Chase Patterson said he has always had high expectations for himself.

Patterson is a senior at Greenforest Christian Academy in Decatur where he plays basketball and runs track. He said he also volunteers with the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program and Hosea Helps.

"He did exactly what he was supposed to do and the doors just opened," said Dr. Joyce Patterson, Chase's mother.

Patterson applied to 16 different colleges and not only got accepted to Louisiana State University, Morehouse College, Howard University and several others, but the schools offered him more than $1 million in combined scholarships to attend.

"It was really cool going to the mail every single day and seeing about five colleges with more stuff. It's also cool, even after I get accepted and they gave me the scholarship amount, over time they're still throwing in more money on there to try to have me come," Patterson explained. "It's almost a sad feeling for me, because I feel bad that I can't just say yes to everything, but I already knew exactly where I wanted to go."

Patterson decided to attend Xavier University of Louisiana, the only Catholic Historically Black College and University in the country. He plans to be a pre-med major and study to become an orthopedic surgeon.

"Xavier University actually graduates the most African American doctors in the country. So, for me, I'm thinking that's got to be the most obvious choice because I want to be somewhere where I have the highest chance to succeed," said Patterson.

His mother, Dr. Joyce Patterson, also went to Xavier. Though, she said she left the choice completely up to Chase.

The school also offered to cover all of Patterson's tuition.

"Xavier, when they made that offer of that particular scholarship, that's all I needed," said Dr. Patterson.

Chase encourages any students considering college to plan ahead.

"You have to plant your seed early. You have to use those early years to stay on top of your grades because you know, it's really hard to pull up a bad grade but it's really easy for it to go down," said Patterson.

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