Massive fire wipes out tax firm, owner credits 'tacos and Home Depot' for saving his life

A business owner is thanking tacos and Home Depot for pulling him away from his office just minutes before witnesses reported sounds of explosions and then intense flames.

Officials said a contractor damaged an underground gas line, causing a gas leak.

The gas caught fire, producing the chaotic scene on Memorial Drive Tuesday that Ryan Marosy just happened to avoid by stepping out for an errand and quick bite 10 minutes before.

“So tacos and Home Depot saved my life,” Marosy laughed.

Through that smoke, you could barely make out a small blue building: Marosy’s office.

Furniture, computers, important client documents were burnt to a crisp, and the timing could not have been worse for a tax firm.

“In January that's when everybody gets their tax documents, and they start filing,” said Marosy, owner of Kirkwood Tax and Accounting. “So yeah, this couldn't have happened at a worse time.”

And yet, Marosy still bears a smile, citing the kindness of the Kirkwood community as his motivator to keep plugging along.

In a show of support Friday evening, the Kirkwood Neighborhood Organization held a moment of silence in recognition of Tuesday’s blaze and encouraged friends, family and community members to consider helping Marosy get back on his feet by contributing to a GoFundMe page.

“Ryan has done so much for the neighborhood, so we just want to take time to recognize him,” said Katie Kissel, current Kirkwood Neighborhood Organization president. “Our thoughts are with Ryan right now as he rebuilds his business going right into tax season.”