Bullets fly on MARTA bus stopped at West End station, shooters at-large

MARTA passengers were terrified moments after someone opened fire on a bus. MARTA Police confirmed the incident happened while the bus was at the West End Station.

"People were screaming and yelling ‘duck’ on the bus," Rebecca said.

Rebecca didn’t want to show her face on camera, but she agreed to share her first name and experience. She said she just wants the shooters to be caught.

"I was going to go sit beside him, but then I saw the gun hanging out of his pocket, so I went to go stand a little further away," Rebecca said.

It should have been a routine ride home for Rebecca on May 6, but it was everything but normal.

Rebecca said she noticed the gun while waiting for the bus at the West End station.

When the bus arrived Rebecca said two teens boarded and things went from uncomfortable to dangerous.

"It happened in a quick second. They grabbed his gun. He was sitting down, and the gun was hanging out the right side of his pocket," Rebecca said. "They had grabbed his gun quickly. I saw him react. He was startled. Then, he grabbed another gun and that’s when we all ducked. Everyone had ducked and people were screaming."

MARTA confirmed it all unfolded just after9:30 p.m. and said there were about eight people on the bus at the time.

The driver had just stepped off.

"The boys were sitting behind me. So it sounded like they were shooting over my head. Like loud bullets flying over my head," Rebecca said. "I couldn’t get all the way under the seat because I had my bookbag and another bag with me. So I was just trying to duck as much as I could."

Bullets damaged the rear windows of the bus.

MARTA police said at one point, those involved were shooting at each other through the bus windows.

Rebecca said she hasn’t been able to comfortably ride the bus or train since the incident, but has no other choice.

She wants those responsible to be caught and said she's calling for stricter gun laws.

"Random people get shot all the time for just being in the vicinity, and I was scared I was going to get shot," Rebecca said.

Officials said no one was injured in this case.

If you were on that bus or know anything that could help, come forward to MARTA Police.