Man's body found inside abandoned Douglasville home

Investigators are working to learn just whose body was discovered inside an abandoned house.

The gruesome discovery was made Saturday on Thompson Street in Douglasville by neighbors who say the body had been in there for months.

"It was awful. Horrible, it was horrible," one neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous told FOX 5.

How it got there and who the man is remains a mystery, but that same neighbor told FOX 5 that authorities told her the body had been in there since the winter.

"From the looks of it, he had been there since January or a little bit before. It could have been my brother, my uncle or father who was missing."

Another neighbor told FOX 5 he never thought he would see anything this gruesome happen in his community.

""It's very alarming. We have a couple of arguments, a couple of fights, but nothing like this ever took place," he said.

Neighbors say they want to feel safe in their homes.

"I just want everybody to come together and have peace. Don't be afraid to walk out the house because you think someone may harm you."

Just who was this man? How did he die? And was foul-play involve? Those are the questions that still need answered.

Investigators tell FOX 5 that they haven't seen any indication of foul play, but they are looking into all possibilities.

Editor's note: FOX 5 first reported that the body was found rolled up in a rug after speaking with community members who were informed by police. Investigators have since informed FOX 5 that that information was not accurate. This story has been updated to reflect the accurate information.