Man shot and killed by Vallejo officers identified

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Vallejo police officers opened fire on an armed robbery suspect on Wednesday afternoon after they say he walked toward them carrying a weapon over his head. One witness, who provided KTVU with video of the fatal scene, said he saw the suspect carrying a machete in his raised arms before he was killed.

The man has been identified by Richmond Police as Jeffrey Barboa, 45 of Benicia.

He was killed about 5:20 p.m. on the 3400 block of Richmond Parkway in Richmond, where he had led officers on a chase, police said.

About 15 minutes earlier, Vallejo police had tried to pull over the car that was wanted in connection with a July 26 armed robbery. But the driver refused to stop and led officers on a high-speed chase, police said.

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SkyFox2 showed a machete lying on the ground near the white four-door sedan. Police say the male driver was holding the weapon when police shot and killed him.

One witness shared a video with KTVU, shwoing a police vehicle hitting the white sedan it was chasing. The driver side door opens and the driver gets out.

It appears he raises his arms, and then as more officers arrived, he begins to walk toward the police. He stands still for a few moments, and then continues to walk towards police with his arms raised. But according to police, he was still holding the weapon and refused to drop it. At that point, there is a burst of gunfire and the man falls backward to the ground.

No one else was hit by the bullets.

Richmond police say their officers were not involved in the pursuit but because the shooting happened in the city of Richmond, they will be involved with the case.

Police have not identified the suspect killed and whether or not he is the same man wanted for the robbery.