Man seen stealing from mailboxes at Midtown Atlanta condos

Some Midtown Atlanta condo owners are frustrated that a man keeps breaking in, vandalizing and stealing from their mailboxes.

"Each time we close one loop that he's using to get in, then he finds another," said Diana Plattner.

It only took a matter of moments for this man to violate Plattner’s sense of security. Her condo complex and mailbox along with all of her neighbors in her Midtown building have been broken into several times over the last two months.

"He has got some bills, he's welcome to those and some junk mail," she said. "But we don't think personally we have lost anything valuable."

Plattner is a lucky one, nothing of value has been stolen from her, but one of her neighbors had a credit card taken.

"About two hours after it was stolen, he tried to use it to get a subscription to a background check website," said James Murphy.

This federal crime is not an isolated problem. Postal inspectors tell FOX 5 that they are looking into reports of mail thefts in the area.

Neighbors say at least three other condos on Piedmont Avenue between 11th Street and South Prado are dealing with the same thing.

"He's just going to keep doing it until somebody gets hurt or somebody catches him," Plattner said.

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Police are searching for a man who was caught on cameras breaking into a Midtown Atlanta condo’s mailboxes.

The concerning part for many is the fact that during one break-in the man had a knife. Plattner says minutes before he was caught on camera with a weapon at another building, one of her neighbors confronted the suspect and escorted him out of their building.

"It was kind of chilling to think that the person here who confronted him did not know that he had that big knife on him and I'm just glad nothing transpired," she said.

Neighbors say during one of the thefts, the man tried to hide his face by moving a camera, but it was already clearly captured on video.

With the suspect still out there, Plattner says she constantly checks her box.

"We all check our mail immediately now and as soon as you have a text message that says you have a package you run downstairs," she said.

If you happen to recognize the suspect, call APD or the USPS Postal Inspectors.