Man killed in shooting in Atlanta's Vine City neighborhood

A man is dead after a home invasion early Monday morning in Atlanta's Vine City area.

Atlanta police say the man killed was staying at the home in the 800 block of Thurmond Street and was not one of the people trying to break in.

Investigators closed off a large portion of the street for hours while detectives worked.

"It's concerning, and I'm a little nervous, but I don't know what to think," said Dria Kendrick.

Kendrick was not home when the gunfire started, but one of her neighbors filled her in.

"They heard gunshots, like around two this morning, and they were saying it could be drug related," she said.

The front of this rental home is covered with bullet holes. The owner says he was told the front door was kicked in.

Investigators say they got a call about a home invasion and robbery at around 4:30 Monday morning involving three suspects. When officers arrived, they found a man dead on the floor in the house. Police believe he was shot and say he was not one of the burglars. Detectives say they found what appeared to be drugs in the home.

"I didn't really have any concerns until now," Kendrick said.

So far, police have not arrested those three suspected burglars. The owner of the property says the home is a short-term rental. One neighbor says there are several of these types of properties in the area, and it is a safety concern for her.

"You just don't have consistent people coming in and out, so you don't know who to look out for," Kendrick said.

This is an ongoing investigation. If you know anything, Atlanta police ask that you give them a call.