Man in stolen ambulance leads police on chase through Mt. Clemens: video

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A Macomb Township man is facing charges after authorities say he hopped in an unattended ambulance and drove off, leading police on a chase throughout Mt. Clemens.

Authorities say the crime happened around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 7. MedStar workers had entered the hospital to drop off a patient, and left the ambulance parked just outside.

That's when authorities say a 21-year-old man from Macomb Township got inside the ambulance and drove off.

"Two deputies that were in the area saw the van and attempted to stop it," Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said.

A brief chase ensued and at one point, the suspect drove off the road and down a grassy hill.

"The subject refused to get out of the ambulance where they had to break a window and pull him out of the vehicle and take him into custody," Wickersham said.

No one was injured but investigators are looking into what caused the Macomb township man to take the ambulance.

"He wasn't a patient at the hospital but looking to get a prescription or some type of medication, he was turned away and became upset, that was probably one of the indicators he was going to jump in this ambulance and take off," Wickersham said.

He has been charged with one felony count of Unlawful Driving Away of an Automobile, and was given an interim bond of $75,000. He is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday, October 10.