Loganville couple leaves hospital after recovering from Coronavirus

Ging and Chuck Gilliam are now on their way to fully recovering after testing positive for the coronavirus. 

Ging is 68 years old and Chuck is 85. 

Doctors admitted the couple into Piedmont Walton Hospital in Monroe just a week apart. They both tested positive for the coronavirus and both ended up in the ICU on ventilators. 

"I don't know what's going to happen to both of us. I was not prepared for these things to happen," Ging Gilliam said.

Gilliam spent 15 days in the hospital and was able to move to a rehabilitation facility. She is now back at her Loganville home. 

Her husband is in a rehabilitation facility after spending 32 days in the hospital. He is expected to be able to go home next week.

"I think the Lord has given us a chance. It was just not our time," Gilliam said. 

The couple has been married for 42 years and they've never spent this much time apart. 

Currently, hospital policy doesn't allow visitors so Gilliam and the entire family were not able to visit Chuck. 

"I know if he just sees us, he'll feel a little bit better," Gilliam said. 

Gilliam said the hospital staff members helped to keep their spirits up, even helping them Facetime with the grandchildren. 

She said that level of care is no surprise to her. 

Gilliam spent more than three decades at the hospital and retired just three years ago.

"They are my family. They are like my second family," she said. 

Gilliam credits their extraordinary recovery to the great care but also to the positive thoughts of those around them. 

"The prayers really do help us. All of those prayers that we got from people, the vigils. I think that's a part of my healing," Gilliam said