KSU cheerleaders who 'took a knee' finds support

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Community members in Kennesaw came together on Wednesday to show their support for the Kennesaw State University cheerleaders who “took a knee” during the national anthem before a game on Sept. 30.

The group gathered in front of a gas station near the KSU campus to demonstrate their support. The crowd was filled with civil rights leaders, activists, students, and faculty. The group voiced concerns about the way the school responded to the protest.

The five KSU students said they were protesting police brutality and injustice when they bent down on one knee.

“And today we're here to show our support and protect our brave cheerleaders who took a knee for justice, who took a knee against injustice and against police brutality here,” one demonstrator was quoted as saying.

Others in the community along with local and state politicians have condemned the cheerleader's action.

The university has changed pre-game activities. The cheerleaders now go on the field with the football players who have always entered after the national anthem.

The cheerleaders vow to continue their protest.