Family of Army veteran killed in Atlanta shooting calls for justice

The family of a murdered veteran calls for justice. Korri Jackson was gunned down on April 20 in his own car along Main Street in northwest Atlanta. His family says he was taking a nap between two jobs when someone shot and killed him. 

The past few weeks have been agonizing for Jackson’s mother, Kalena Davis. 

"One day at a time, but for me, it’s been one hour at a time. It hurts, it hurts," Davis says.

Davis told FOX 5 her son was working two jobs, a sales representative by day, booting cars at night.

"He would get off one job and go to the next," Davis said. "I was so nervous that would put him in danger."

Jackson parked outside his girlfriend’s home to take a nap.

"He must have heard them breaking into his driver’s side window," Davis said.

Someone shot and killed Korri as he woke up. His mother got the call around 6 o’clock in the morning with the worst possible news.

"All I knew was that he had been shot," Davis said. "They told us there was no need to transport. So, I lost it. I lost it." 

Korri was a specialist in the Army and the National Guard as a civil engineer. He was honorably discharged last month. He had just earned a promotion at his day job.

"He was just everywhere for everybody, and it just amazed me how he was able to do that. He was just a sweet soul," Davis said. "I can’t fathom someone taking his life over something so materialistic. It’s just been difficult." 

Jackson brother, Kerri-James Jackson, says they would share their aspirations for the future, a future Korri will never get to fulfill.

"We used to have a lot of long talks. I still just want to call him. It doesn’t feel real. He was 26. He had a long life to live," he said.

Davis wants tighter guns laws and tougher sentences for killers. Jackson says he wants his brother’s killer held accountable. 

Police are still searching for the killer.