Kennesaw Mountain to restrict vehicular access to enhance safety on summit road

Changes will soon be coming to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield. Driving to the top of the mountain will soon be off limits for cars.  

Many people like to go to the visitors center and drive to the top of the mountain to check out the view. However, with all the walkers and cyclists, it gets congested.  

Danny Hire could not help but notice a few close calls between cars and pedestrians on his drive up Kennesaw Mountain.  

"There was a car coming in our lane because people were walking down the mountain in the other lane, and it was on a curve, and it was close," said Hire.  

On beautiful blue-sky days, park officials say the narrow, winding road gets busy. 

"Having cars and bicycles and strollers and joggers and walkers, it's just too much on that road," said Park Superintendent Patrick Gamman. 

Park officials are looking for ways to make it safer for everyone, starting with not allowing cars on the road between the visitors center and the top of the mountain soon. 

Instead, there will be shuttle buses that will take visitors to the top. The shuttle will go up and down using the inside lane. 

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The National Park Service could soon restrict cars from going up Kennesaw Mountain due to congestion on the roadway.  (FOX 5)

Bicyclists will use that lane when the shuttle isn't running, so early morning and late afternoon or early evening.  

"I get trying to keep everyone safe should be a top priority," said Justin Irvine, who was riding his bike up the mountain Thursday. 

Pedestrians would always use the outside lane.  

Frank Davis says he walks up the mountain four or five times a week. He is looking forward to getting cars off the road.  

"There's a bunch of times every week where someone will go speeding by doing 40, 50 miles an hour, and I have to turn around and say slow down," said Davis.  

Superintendent Gamman says it all comes down to safety.  

"I know everybody loves this park, everybody wants to use it, but we are going to have to make some adjustments to keep everybody safe," said Gamman. 

Park officials say while they've developed this proposal, nothing is set in stone. They want input from visitors.  You can send in your comments on their Facebook page,  or their website, 

There will also be a virtual meeting regarding the proposal in the next 7 to 10 days.