Google parent Alphabet buying Fitbit for about $2.1B

Speculation swirled at the beginning of the week that a deal might be imminent. Premarket trading of shares of San Francisco-based Fitbit Inc. were briefly halted before the acquisition was announced.

Girl with bionic arm knows no bounds

Madeline Gardner was born without a left arm below the elbow, but now she sports a sleek prosthetic that allows her to do all the things most girls her age take for riding a bike, baking a cake or even painting her nails.

Mom in viral overdose photo celebrates 3 years of sobriety

A mother whose overdose photo went viral three years ago — after responding officers found her slumped over the in the front seat of her car, still holding a syringe, with her infant son in the back — has shared an incredible update celebrating three years of sobriety.