Jury selection begins in Clearwater parking lot shooting trial

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Michael Drejka and his defense team arrived at the Pinellas County Courthouse Monday morning for the first of what will likely be the first of many long days.

Starting today, a jury pool of 90 will be whittled down to six jurors and four alternates as the defense and state begin the process of choosing the men and women who will decide Drejka’s fate. In question: whether the 39-year-old acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Markeis McGlockton in a Clearwater parking lot last summer, or if Drejka is guilty of manslaughter. 

The entire incident -- from fight, to shove, to shooting -- was captured on surveillance footage. The footage will be a key piece of evidence in his trial. Jurors will see the video in real time as well as slow motion.  The state plans to take them frame-by-frame through what was ultimately only a five-second exchange. 

Prosecutors will argue McGlockton was already turning away when Drejka fired the fatal shot. 

The defense will say Drejka, who’d already been knocked to the ground by McGlockton, felt in fear for his life. 

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