Pregnant woman strangled to death in Gainesville; suspected killer on the run

A frantic 911 call on January 29 paints the scary moments for the sister of 22-year-old Juana Jose as she calls for an ambulance to the family apartment on Cooley Drive in Gainesville with the help of an interpreter.

"My sister is dying, I don't know what's happening to her," the sister said in Spanish. "Her mouth is yellow."

Medics rushed Juana, who was pregnant with her second child, to the hospital where she died.

"The family is really sad right now," said Jamie Carmelo Jose, the victim’s brother in Spanish to FOX 5. They left a void in the heart of my mother and father."

Juana Jose poses with her daughter

Juana Jose poses with her daughter (Family photo)

Jamie said that he was the one who found her.

"When I woke up, she was lying in the bed. I went to wake her up like I do every day," he said. "She was lifeless, she was dead."

Gainesville Police started investigating the death of Juana and her unborn child. An autopsy revealed she was strangled. Investigators believe 20-year-old Max Calel Sanic is the person responsible.

The family says Sanic was at the apartment before Juana's death.

"I really don't know what happened, maybe he got mad at her or something like that," Jamie said. "They are friends, not dating. "

Max Calel Sanic

Max Calel Sanic (Hall County Sheriff's Office)

Investigators have warrants for Sanic's arrest for malice murder and felony feticide. They found his car, but not him. They say he may have fled the state.

"We live in a world where everyone's connected in some way, shape or form, so we're certain he'll be connected to somebody and hopefully they can lead us to him," said Lt. Kevin Holbrook with the Gainesville Police Department.

So far, police do not have a motive, but the family hopes Sanic will be caught.

"They are sad because of what happened to my sister," Jamie said. "She didn't do anything. I don't know why that person killed her."

Anyone who knows where Sanic is should call the police.

Juana’s family is now in the process of trying to get her transported back to Guatemala to be buried.