Commissioner Felicia Franklin stands by date-rape drug allegations amid calls to resign

Clayton County Commissioner Felicia Franklin finds herself in the center of a controversy after asserting she was drugged at a Morrow bar in September, a claim that has been met with skepticism and calls for her resignation. While she refuses to step down, the Morrow Police Department stands by a statement that there is no concrete evidence to support her allegations.

At a Clayton County Board of Commissioners meeting held Tuesday, FOX 5 asked Commissioner Franklin if she had any words for the police department. She kept walking.

Once inside, Franklin described the event as a "very traumatic and unfortunate incident" that she had experienced.

Felicia Franklin (Credit: Morrow Police Department)

"They also could not 100% assure me that no one did anything to that drink," she said.

In a Facebook post on Oct. 1, Franklin said medical professionals told her she "was drugged with a GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) pill, more commonly known as the ‘date rape pill.’"

"We have found no evidence to support that she was in fact drugged with GHB," Sgt. Scott Stewart told FOX 5.

Police shared a startling video that showed the vice-chair appearing to be passed out on the ground outside the 404 Sports Bar and Grill.

Officials said a toxicology report revealed the presence of multiple alcoholic drinks and cannabis in her system.

Felicia Franklin (Credit: Morrow Police Department)

"I would never, never thought that a commissioner that sits on same board as myself would be laid out having drank too much, and have cannabis in her system," said County Chair Jeff Turner.

Turner said he found the video disturbing.

"Commissioners who are elected by the citizens of this community expect us to do better and to be better, and I didn’t see that in this instance," he continued.

Some voters told FOX 5 they wanted Franklin to resign immediately.

"It's time for her to go," said Teresa Talley.

Franklin said she only "resign" as vice-chair when she's elected as chairwoman.