Insurance firm robbed in Griffin

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It's a crime involving cash at a place many people would not associate as having cash on hand. Now Griffin Police are searching for an intruder who robbed an insurance agency of several hundred dollars cash.

It happened a couple of weeks ago at the Snyder - Kilingsworth Insurance Agency. The firm's owner Terry Killingsworth said the intruder walked in through the front door and approached the receptionist, handing her a threatening note.

"As he comes around the desk he has a note in his hand and the note says do not scream give me all your cash or I will hurt you," said Terry Killingsworth.

A couple blocks away police retrieved surveillance video from a hardware store of a man running across the street. Police believe he's the same man who robbed the insurance firm of several hundred dollars two weeks ago.

Police said there are no other reports of robberies at insurance firms in the Griffin area by the man describe as a younger white male, five feet five inches tall, clean cut with short reddish hair. Lt. Michael Natale said this was not a typical crime.

"Normally no because most people think that they don't actually carry the money," said Lt. Natale.

He said the intruder did not show a weapon when he robbed the woman of the cash at the insurance firm. Its owner said he's taking additional security measures to make sure his agency is protected.

"I hope this doesn't embolden him to do something worse later on somewhere else or even here," said Terry Killingsworth.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Griffin Police Department.