Idalia grounds more than 100 flights in and out of Atlanta

Idalia forced airlines to delay and cancel thousands of flights around the southeast. 

The Category 3 storm made landfall on the coast of Florida's Big Bend near Keaton Beach at 7:45 a.m. With its 125 mph winds and significant flooding, it posed an immediate threat to lives and properties. The storm weakened to a tropical storm with winds of 70 mph as it continued to lash Georgia and the Carolinas.

Air carriers grounded more than 100 flights in and out of Atlanta, leaving frustrated travelers scrambling to figure out how to make it to their destinations.           

"We’ve been flying 24 hours already," said Gillian Allen, who flew from Australia to watch her grandson’ baseball tournament in Charleston. But something not so funny happened on the way the ballpark. "The one we were to get on this afternoon was canceled due to the weather."


Allen’s airline grounded her connecting flight from Atlanta to Charleston. "I’ve just booked hotel for the night. I gotta stay, hopefully only tonight, and we can get on a flight tomorrow," Allen said.

Allen is one of thousands of passengers at Harstfield-Jackson whose flights got delayed or canceled on Wednesday. The powerful storm pounded Florida and swamped south Georgia. 

Allen wondered if she’d make it to her grandson’s game on Friday. 

"I’m hoping we do, yes," he said.

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A boat is left among debris in a yard in the Signal Cove community in Hudson, Florida on August 30, 2023, after Hurricane Idalia made landfall. (MIGUEL J. RODRIGUEZ CARRILLO/AFP via Getty Images)


Scott Kahn and his family were flying from south Florida to Israel. But their flight got delayed six hours.

"We made the best of it, no question," Kahn said. "It would’ve been frustrating. But we got take the kids to the world of Coca-Cola, which was a lot of fun. I’d rather get back home on time, but I’d rather have a smooth flight and be six hours late than have a miserable flight and get there on time."

Delta Airlines is letting affected passengers rebook for free.

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