"I am God," woman yells while waving gun, East Point police say

Police said they experienced a peculiar Saturday afternoon when an officer encountered a woman claiming she was God with a firearm in her hand.

In a Facebook caption, the East Point police said they were called to the East Point Package Store where a woman had been reported waving a handgun in the air and threatening customers who were leaving and entering.

They posted the disturbing video to their Facebook page. The officer's body cam footage shows him getting out of his car with his own weapon drawn, yelling for the suspect to drop her gun.

"I believe in God, that's all," the woman can be heard repeating throughout the 60-second clip.

The officer continues to tell the woman to drop her weapon multiple times. That's when the woman, who cannot be seen in the footage, references a child that is supposedly with her.

"Come on [inaudible], because if someone shoots somebody with a child, they don't give a [expletive] about God," she said.

In the post, the officers claimed the woman went on to make the "senseless and illogical statements of ‘I am God; He is coming down to get you'."

They said in the end, they were able to safely disarm and handcuff her without causing any harm to her, the child, nor the officers.

The handgun was also recovered.

Officers said the woman has been taken in for evaluation.