How to freeze your child's credit

We've talked recently about child ID theft, but we've decided to take a deeper dive. Take this stat: One study reports that a child is 51 times more likely to be an identity theft victim than an adult.

Mail and collections call coming in for your child are warning signs that your child's ID has been stolen.  But if you don't catch a red flag, your child's ID could be used for 15 years before anybody knows about it.  Who wants to apply for credit when you're 18 years old only to find out that the credit agencies think that your social security number really belongs to a 40-year-old who defaulted on a loan? That's a lot to untangle.

So that got me to wondering: How do we prevent it before it happens? Well, you can freeze your child's credit now so that it can't be used by someone else.  Many states won't allow you to freeze your child's credit before there's a problem, but Georgia does.  Reach out to the big three credit reporting agencies to get started.