Hot Atlanta police office gets emergency repairs

Emergency repairs have been made to an Atlanta Police Department airport office.

The building houses special operations units, the canine handlers and their dogs.

The repairs needed because the air conditioning went out. Sources tell FOX 5 it is a chronic problem but airport management, which is responsible for maintenance, will not disclose how long the building was hot.

In the basement of the building that is located in College Park are kennels for the canines.

A spokesperson says appropriate temperatures were maintained in the basement and the canines never were in danger of experiencing excessive heat in the building.

Law enforcement dogs tend to be sturdier than the average household pet. It is because they're more accustomed to being out in all types of weather, according to veterinarians.

Nonetheless, police are using extra care during the temperatures where it feels like 100 degrees, even more when you are outside.

Should a household pet demonstrate excessive panting, which is how canines perspire, veterinarians recommend wrap them in a cool towel, not an ice-filled towel.

The cooling should be gradual.

As for the APD office, all the units will be moved next door once a new building that is under construction is finished.