Holiday shopping? Check out these apps for product price histories

With the holidays coming up, anything that can help get a leg up on shopping is a great idea? Let’s look at apps and web add-ons that can track price histories, alert you to price drops, and more.

First is the app and web add-on called Honey. Whichever way you use it, this is what is does: It gives you the current price of something you like then you can check its recent price history. There are even some cashback offers. And there are coupon codes, too.

Two more quick price trackers that focus on helping you keep track of prices at Amazon. Keepa is also a browser add-on. This little goody tracks an item's price history, sends notices of price drops, and even drops daily deals too. Camelcamelcamel, which is also browser-based, does many of these same things, so if that's your shopping spot, you will want to see these two. 

Part of holiday shopping is organization. And, boy, do we have some apps for that. Let's start with something called Santa's Bag. Set your budget. It'll tell you if you're close. Import your gift recipient list and merge lists like "wish list," "shopping list," and "planning list." Santa's Bag is free and iPhone only, but it does keep that countdown to Christmas timer running so you don't get behind.

Android users can try Christmas Gift List. It has the same great options like the holiday list with total spent and so much more. 

And finally, at the end of the day, this might be your biggest lifesaver. Look into any series of apps that are some variation of Find My Car.