‘Hold your noses': Big rig spills foul-smelling pig guts all over interstate

A tractor-trailer spilled pig guts all over a downtown interstate in Missouri on Thursday. 

The big rig was hauling pig intestines when it spilled its foul-smelling cargo onto the roadway in Kansas City. 

“Heads Up TRAFFIC ALERT I-670 westbound is closed @ Oak due to a cleanup of a semi spill of uhhhh...... Pig Guts. Hold your noses, and avoid the area for now,” the Kansas City Police Department tweeted. 

The Missouri Department of Transportation also tweeted that at least three lanes of westbound Interstate 670 were closed because of the spill, and that an emergency response truck with a snow plow blade was sent to the scene to help clean up the mess.

“Breaking/Traffic Alert: At least 3 lanes are closed - WB I-670 past 71 Hwy near downtown after a semi lost its load. FYI: The load happens to be pig intestines. #kctraffic,“ the MoDOT tweeted.

Transportation officials urged drivers to, “Find an alternate snout. Sorry, alternate route.”

“It made me gag the first time I smelled it,” resident Marisa Deitrich told KCTV.

Later in the day, MoDOT tweeted, “All lanes of WB I-670 past 71 Hwy near downtown 
#KC (https://twitter.com/hashtag/KC?src=hash) are now back open.“

“Thanks for your patience during all of the pig drama. Be safe. That's all folks!!!” MoDOT said on Twitter. 

It’s unclear how or why the accident happened.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.