Henry County family's home likely destroyed by arsonists

A devastating fire ripped through a Stockbridge family's home and their garage, destroying decades of memories. The Henry County Fire Department said this likely was no accident.

"My heart just dropped, it just took my breath away," said homeowner Kellie Hatcher of watching her home burn to the ground.

Neighbors told fire investigators that on January 13th, they heard several people running through the woods and getting into a white sedan moments before the home was engulfed in flames.

"I look over there and see one of the lego men that my son used to play with," said Hatcher as she stepped through the rubble of her destroyed home.

The family heirlooms she was hoping to pass down, including her grandparents' irreplaceable belongings, are what she's missing most.

The Henry County Fire Department said the fire that destroyed the home and the garage is suspicious because the family had the electricity shut off to the home and was not living there at the time.

"It's our homeplace whether we're here or not," said Hatcher. "I raised my children here, and whether we rebuild or not, it's not gonna be the same," she said.

Hatcher said she hopes whoever caused the damage seeks help before they hurt someone.

"They need to seek therapy and turn themselves in. No one in their right mind would do this to someone's property," said Hatcher. "This just isn't right."

The Henry County Fire Department said the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.