Atlanta parents get creative to beat the triple-digit heat

As the heat index rose into the triple digits across metro Atlanta Saturday, some parents got creative at their kids' soccer tournaments to stay cool.

One dad had a large fan with him as he headed to his kid's game in Gwinnett County.

"We have a tent we have a bucket of water with a bag of ice this fan sits on top of," Lucas Westby said.


Over in Marietta, some parents made their own ice bath using a cooler. Even some dogs wore ice vests to cool down.

The players received several water breaks throughout the game. It was a much-needed break from the heat.

"Halfway through a half, so twelve minutes, they give them a water break," Westby said. "Should be good for them. We'll see about the parents, they might melt."

Experts say when temperatures are this high it's important to limit activities at the hottest part of the day to prevent heat injuries.

"Early signs of heat injury can be something like heat exhaustion where there may be perfuse sweating in our children or adults we may feel a bit more tired than normal a little confused," Dr. Cecil Bennett with Newnan Family Medicine Associates said.

"Heat stroke is a medical emergency. What we're looking at here is individuals who stop sweating they're just unable to sweat anymore. They have significant alterations in their mental status they may even become unconscious. That's definitely a time to call 911 get a person in the shade," he added.

For parents whose kids have to be outside Dr. Bennett said hydration is key.

"When you realized you're thirsty you're behind so make sure our kids drink as much water as possible and watch them like a hawk any signs of perfuse sweating children getting a little bit more tired than normal looking a little bit dizzy that's time to get them off the field and get them hydrated in the shade," he added.