Healing Bridge Clinic in Fayette County set to reopen with enhanced facilities for the uninsured

It is a big boost for people who cannot afford healthcare in south metro Atlanta. The Healing Bridge Clinic in Fayette County will reopen after closing in February for renovations.   

The newly remodeled Healing Bridge Clinic is said to be a more welcoming environment for its patients.  Having provided free medical care for almost 15 years to Fayette and surrounding counties, the clinic was in a shared space with a local church.  Now it has the whole building and is wrapping up the first of a three-phase, million-dollar renovation. 

"We anticipate that with expanded rooms, and expanded availability, and increasing our days and hours that we will double or double the value of what we have given to the community. So, in fiscal ‘24, we were at $1.7 dollars in medical care.  We anticipate that over the next three to four years that we would increase that to 3 to $4 million annually," said Mike Conaway, executive director of the Healing Bridge. 

That’s a projected $3 to $4 million of free medical care a year. And from volunteer medical professionals in south metro Atlanta, many of whom are the best in their fields. 

The new clinic goes from two patient rooms to nine. Healing Bridge currently provides a number of medical services that they hope to increase as well.   

"We provide general medicine, dermatology, orthopedic, cardiology, physical therapy, laser therapies, we also have mental health and addiction counseling," said Conaway. 

The Healing Bridge serves uninsured residents of Fayette and surrounding counties who live at or below 200-percent of the poverty level. 

Although the remodel is complete, the clinic is now raising funds to furnish and equip the new space with needed items like an EKG machine, new exam tables and even basic stools for the physicians. For more information on the services or how to donate, you can find the Healing Bridge Clinic online

The clinic reopens June 11.