Gwinnett County police officer honored for quick actions that saved baby's life

A Gwinnett County police officer is being honored for his quick thinking and actions that saved the life of a neighbor's baby.

Cpl. Linsey Meador was off-duty at home in September when a neighbor frantically knocked on his door to tell him their baby had stopped breathing.

Police say Meador sprang into action, ran to the house, and tried to resuscitate the child while his wife called 911.

Officials say Meador's actions saved the baby's life.

"What we do in training hopefully prepares us for it. Hopefully, you never get to use it, but when we do, it's just second nature when it's time to act," Meador said. "I just grabbed it and went."

Medical personnel later discovered the child had stopped breathing because of a seizure.

The baby has since made a full recovery.